Carter Fundraisers

The Carter Center is a nongovernmental organization that helps to improve lives by resolving conflicts; advancing democracy and preventing diseases. Mike Snegg has been invited to participate in this yearly fundraiser, where all proceeds go to the Carter Center. 

Mike Snegg and family attend a special meeting at the Carter Center in Atlanta, and take a photo with President Carter. Mike made a special olive wood bowl for the President and Mrs. Carter, Titled “Olive Bowl for Peace”, as Jimmy Carter is an avid woodworker. The bowl resides at the Carter Center.

2019 Carter Center Weekend

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Norfolk Island Pine from Kauai, 3 pieces; two sold for $10,000 and one for $4500.
Signed by President Carter.

2018 Carter Center Weekend

Norfolk Island Pine from Kauai sold for $32,500. Signed by President Carter.

2017 Carter Center Weekend

Vessel made of Milo wood from Kauai. valued at $5,000. Sold for $12,500. Signed by President Carter.

2016 Carter Center Weekend


Set of 3 Olive Bowls for Peace with Carter signature on bottom. Value $8,000 sold for $20,000

Olive Bowl for Peace

Olive Bowl for Peace, signed by President Carter