Norfolk Pine (Cook Pine)

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The first European to have discovered Norfolk Island Pine was Captain James Cook in 1774 on his voyage to the South Pacific in the HMS Resolution.

The timber was used for sailing ship masts and later used for woodturning together with similar Cook Pine. It is extensively used in Hawaii. 

I recently received a shipment of 20,000 pounds of this wood from Kauai.

I discovered the Norfolk Island Pine in 1975 when I lived on Hanalei Bay, Kauai for a year. I and my family have been visiting the beautiful island of Kauai often ever since. I love the beauty and the colors and the dramatic ruggedness of the wood which reminds me of the Napali Coast.

The Norfolk Pine wood I use comes from Kauai which for me is a healing place. Norfolk Pine is a special tree. It grows so straight it was once used as masts for sailing ships. The tree has symmetrical rings of branches that grow around the trunk, which gives a bowl turner a natural edge to follow. Working with this tough wood takes skill, strength, experience, and an artist’s touch to achieve a razor-sharp natural edge, creating an entire vessel that’s so thin it has a dramatic, translucent glow.


Norfolk Pine bowl
Cheryl Haines with Norfolk Pine bowl