Wood bowls and Cyanotype prints

by: Marc Snegg and Mike Snegg

I am here because of my mother’s courage. She was the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust. This lone wooden vessel is a serving bowl to honor her. The images are cyanotype prints of the star she was forced to wear that say Juif- or Jew in French. My grandfather had this family drawing made while interned in Blakkhammer in 1942.


Drancy, France Internment Camp
‘There is no light and no air. Be brave,’ my mother’s father wrote to her while trapped in a cattle car destined for the death camps in Poland. This bowl is a tribute to my grandfather who wrote 90 letters to my mother in Paris. We have donated his letters to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.


These five unique wood vessels made of Norfolk Island pine represent life and my family. The images are a tribute to my ancestors who did not survive the Holocaust. The art and craft are a celebration of the freedom we enjoy. We are the fortunate ones.